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Fast map compiler. Two hour compilation time on a single workstation, where others need two weeks on a server farm.

Role: Principal Software Architect and Developer – Project-Manager: Multi-Platform Build-Envirionment, User-Interface, Optimzed File I/O, Digital Map Format, Multi-Threaded Pipelined Backpatching Compiler- Engine, Lexical Analyzer, Parser, Plugable Code Generators

36 MM: Project Management + Windows/Linux, 32/64 Bit + C++ + wxWidgets + GigaBASE + Multi-Threading + Compiler- Construction + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Git + Digital Maps + Optimal Algorithms + Templates + Exception Handling


A template based C++ library that implements several trees like AVL, Red-Black, B-Tree, R-Tree along with a couple of supporting data structures like linked lists, queues, variable sized arrays etc..

Role: Principal Software Architect and Project Manager

8 MM: Project Management + Mentoring + Software Metrics + Windows / Linux, 32 / 64 Bit + C++ + Intel + Atmel AVR32 + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + Git + Optimal Algorithms + Low Latency + Templates


A Windows (95...XP) uninstaller/cleaner. The first cleaner that needed less than one second to remove even complex software packages instead of many minutes.

Role: Software Architect and Developer

8 MM: Project Management + Mentoring + Software Metrics + Windows 32 Bit + C++ + Multi-Threading + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + MFC + MS SDK + MS DDK + VToolsD + Kernel Programming + System Programming + Windows GUI + Templates + Exception Handling


A single-pass back-patching assembler for the Motorola M68K line of microprocessors. It was used to cut the compile time of a project from several hours down to a couple of seconds. Implemented a machine- code optimizer to choose the most performant code. Minimal code size could be achieved by using an optional Multi-Pass-Mode using an incremental optimization strategy to generate both, the fastest and the smallest possible code.

15 MM: Windows + Linux + FreeBSD + C + Compiler-Construction

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