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Transport Protocols

Several different protocols in the telecom domain, for both wired and wireless connections like SDLC, HDLC, X.25, X.225, X.75, X.400, X(Y, Z)-Modem, T.30 (fax), TCP/IP, HTTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, RLP and others.

Role: Senior Software Developer

24 MM: Intel + AMD + Atmel + Motorola + Zilog + C + Assembler + IAR C/C++ + Interrupt-Handling + Direct Memory Access + Memory Mapped I/O + European Countries + Middle East


A Windows Copy-Protection- / Licensing-System. Provides various possibilities for software-protection and to make sure that only a certain number of copies are active or installed. Role: Principal Software Architect and Project Manager

10 MM: Project Management + Mentoring + Software Metrics + Windows 32 / 64 Bit + C++ + Multi-Threading + Purify/Quantify/Coverage + Subversion + MFC + MS SDK + COM/DCOM + Client/Server + Templates + Exception Handling

Protocol Tracer

D68: Debugger on CP/M-68k, ROM

A system to help implement and debug various data communication protocols like SDLC, HDLC or RLP.

Role: Senior Software Developer

12 MM: Windows 32 Bit + C++ + MFC + MS SDK

A Motorola M68 debugger, available as a CP/M-68K and standalone version as well. Beside the normal features, it was capable to handle conditional breakpoints, back trace, assembly, loading modules and more.

12 MM: Proprietary OS + CP/M-68K + Motorola M68000 + Assembler + Interrupt-Handling + Single-Step + Breakpoint- Handler + Backtrace/Trace-Buffer + Stack-Frame-Analyzation

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