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Software Development Consultant

Project Manager - Team Lead - Architect

Developer - Analyst

Process optimization regarding efficienty and effectiveness in Software-Engineering Environments.

System improvement and optimization ofEmbedded Systems, especially concerning stability, performance and maintainability.

Areas of Specialization: Autonomous Driving, Digital Maps / Navigation, ADAS, Software Design especially Cross-Platform & -Architecture including Validation & Verification, Object Oriented Design, Multi-Threading, Distributed Systems



Optimization of Software-Engineering Environments regarding Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Architecture, Design, C++, CMake, Digital Maps, Digital Horizon, Multi Threading, IPC, Flash Technology, Compiler Technology, Device Driver, Protobuf, JSON, XML, Pattern, Best Practices

Git, Yocto, Boost, Confluence, Jira, Polarion, Enterprise Architect, Google Test, CppUTest, Cppcheck, Valgrind, VTune, Parallel Studio, Understand

ADAS, Wireless Protocols, ARM Architecture, Intel Architecture, Distributed Systems, Linux Kernel, Windows Kernel, Wireshark, 0MQ, Nanomsg



since 2022

Tech Stack for the Automotive Industry

Solution Architect PMT

Supportinmg the transition from an Engineering- to a Software-Centric Business of a global automobile manufacturer.


Realtime Audio Analyzation Device

Senior Consultant - Software Architect and Developer

System for detection and analyzation of sound sources in vehicles.


Autonomous Driving

Lead Software Architect

Fully autonomous driving solution for public transportation systems. Combines different sensor technologies to support a digital environment enabling autonomous driving in public traffic.


Automotive Telematics Control Unit

Senior Consultant Embedded Linux
Incorporating geolocation (GPS, Glonass) and mobile telecommunications (2G/3G/4G) technologies. Providing connected in-vehicle services, regarding safety and security such as eCall, Era-Glonass and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. 


Kitchen Appliance

Senior Consultant - Embedded Linux Developer and ArchitectTwelve Functions Kitchen Appliance that can mix and cook all at the same time, featuring recipe chips, touchscreen, Wifi connectivity with a unique Guided Cooking function.


Video Monitoring for Public Transportation Systems

Senior Consultant - Embedded Linux

Video streaming and recording system for train systems, featuring in- and outside camera systems, alarming and more, letting the driver oversee what is going on.


Mobile Communication Device

Senior Consultant – Principal Software Architect

Mobile communication device for shunting to replace analog radio by GSM-R.


RAPS, ADAS, digital maps

Principal Software Architect

Low latency / real time electronic-horizon provider to be used in map-based driver assistance systems..


Volker Floeder

Haydnstr. 22

27570 Bremerhaven, Germany

+49 171 214 5431

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